World Science Movement is a social responsibility project that aims to help children learn to love science and adopt a scientific perspective with a vision to fill the knowledge gap in society and provide equal opportunity of education for kids all around the world. At it's core, with the help of our corporate partners, World Science Movement provides children from disadvantaged backgrounds extensive STEM education tools (such as robotics or coding kits) and their teachers the necessary training to make the best use of these kits. We also train young people, like university and high school students, to mentor these younger children and act as role models for them in their journey toward scientific excellence. We partner with the individualized learning app Twin for remote learning workshops as well!

Science is curiosity, information, imagination, creativity, and courage. It is the observation and the experimentation of the structure and behaviour of the natural world, working like a mind of its own. The mind expands in light of how nature operates. When creativity meets knowledge, the child begins to think about solutions instead of problems. True scientific knowledge is not knowledge about one area only - it is about having the ability to think critically about everything from politics to psychology, from banking to philosophy. This is an era of creativity. As the World Science Movement Team, we think of creativity as the skill to create regenerative technologies.

One cannot spell conscience without science: We need science for the utmost good of humanity. For us, science and conscience are two inseparable concepts. We want to help raise children who come up with new technologies and scientific inventions with the vision of creating a peaceful world - children who are socially conscious and brave enough to come up with new solutions for any and all problems. With World Science Movement, our mission is empowering the changemakers of tomorrow to do better, to be better, and to inspire others to do and be better.

World Science Movement is a social responsibility project initiated by Young Guru Academy (YGA) and Twin Science & Robotics.

YGA is an international NGO founded in Turkey in 2000 and operating in the UK, USA & Italy. YGA has partnerships with Imperial College, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, University of Berkeley, London Business School, Politecnico di Turino and received awards from United Nations, Great Place to Work, GSMA, Edison Awards.

Twin is a UK based ed-tech company with 10 years of field experience with children in STEM. Twin has been selected as one of the fastest growing ed-tech companies by Deloitte Technology Fast 50, won BETT Awards 2020 and the SilverPlay for Change Award from Toy Industry of Europe.

We have detailed guides for both prospective strategic partners and individual volunteers .

There are many other ways you can help! Help is not one-dimensional: It can be something as simple as sharing what we do on social media. Or you can start a mini World Science Movement in your own workplace and initiate a corporate social responsibility project with us!

Yes! Currently, we have projects in 12 countries with our local partners all around the world, and the number of countries keeps increasing every day.

One Science Education Pack contains 10 Twin Kits and a subscription to the Twin App, which contains individualized STEM content. We also provide monthly student reports with a Twin App subscription upon request to evaluate the children’s progress.

Twin Kits are award winning STEM kits designed to advance children’s STEM and 21st century skills through fun hands-on learning and are meant to put children’s problem-solving skills and imagination to the test. Each Twin Kit explores new STEM themes that cover core fields like robotics, science, and technology. With hours of play packed in, the tools and activities found in each kit introduces children to the wonders of today’s most advanced technologies in a fun, accessible and easy-to-use fashion. Additionally, there’s a kid-friendly guidebook to help guide them to build dozens of projects and learn more about their creations.

Alongside the Twin Kits, kids will have access to Twin App, an educational mobile application that has fun, interactive games and DIY challenges for hands-on learning. Inspired by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, Twin App’s content introduces the world's most important needs through various subjects like science, engineering, art, and mathematics.

Additionally, you will also have access to Twin’s extensive kit-based curricula, which is compatible with teachers’ academic approach and in-class use.

World Science Movement programme has been developed with the guidance of prominent academicians, including but not limited to Turkey’s first science Nobel laureate, Dr. Aziz Sancar; Prof. Dr. Ger Graus, the Global Director of Education of Kidzania; Dr. Mehmet Toner from Harvard & MIT; Dr. Mutlu Cukurova from UCL; Dr Sunday Popo-ola from Imperial College.

Rolls-Royce, Ford, Boeing, Facebook, Google, Veon, Pakistan Jazz are some of the strategic partners of the World Science Movement.

As of 2021, we have reached over 400.000 children in 1200 schools from 12 countries in three years. Twin Science Kits are not only used in economically disadvantaged schools but also in prestigious, world class private schools worldwide (i.e. Knightsbridge College, Marlborough College, Koc Schools).

After sending 10-15 kits and curricula to each selected school, teachers are invited to an online World Science Movement platform in which every week new STEM content, experiments, and videos are posted. Thanks to the platform, teachers interact with each other, share best-proven practices from their classrooms, and can request help from project volunteers or other teachers when needed. The platform is provided by Facebook Workplace, and the World Science Movement project was selected as one of the best case studies around the world by Facebook for delivering a unique end-to-end solution for STEM education for disadvantaged groups.

Of course! You can contact us to bring WSM to your school and start volunteering today. For more information, please visit the Volunteer section of our website.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here or you need additional help, please contact [email protected].