Volunteership is at the core of World Science Movement and how we can reach our goals. With your help, we can spread the joy of science to disadvantaged children in your community and around the world. The process is quick and easy. Follow the instructions below to join our corp of volunteers.

Count your service toward your volunteer hours goal for college!

Colleges look for applicants that demonstrate civic awareness and make meaningful contributions to their community. At its foundation, volunteerism and community service are acts done to benefit a community. Volunteering at WSM is a unique opportunity for students to affect such a change in their community while also fulfilling their college application requirements.

By becoming a WSM volunteer, students will become part of a project that:
  • Enriches them with problem-solving skills, group awareness, and an understanding of and investment in the common good; Helps expands students’ emotional and ethical awareness and skills through meaningful community service;
  • Supports students to network with our international community of volunteers members and strategic partners;
  • Encourages students from all around the world to deepen their understanding of diversity as they collaborate with diverse groups on school and community issues;
  • Teaches them the importance of consistency and commitment as they become valuable, long-term members of our volunteer community, and teaches them the skill of time management and engaging in multiple activities.

In addition, World Science Movement will certify the volunteer hours and the commitment of the volunteer.

Join the Movement

Establish a School Club

If you are a student or a teacher who wants to establish a WSM School Club at your institution, contact us through [email protected] and we’ll get in touch with you about your application and provide you with information for the next steps.

Access the volunteer guide

Download the volunteer guide & other supporting documents that we have sent you after your application. There you can familiarize yourself with our double winged curriculum.

Find a Partner School

Take initiative and find your partner school! You can conduct science workshops with your partner schools through our content and guides. Start helping children explore the wonders of science with physical Twin kit workshops and digital Twin App scientific games.