Strategic Partner

With each child we can reach through science education, we plant a seed of hope for the future. Bring the culture of hope and sustainable impact to your company.

How can you help?

World Science Movement is a multi-stakeholder project, where we work with local NGOs, corporate partners, schools, and teachers to carry out science workshops. You can support us by sponsoring the workshops in countries and regions you operate in and help us bring science education to disadvantaged children around the world.

How does it work?

It is important for us to start out with a pilot project to clearly understand the needs of the area.

Subsequently, we will evaluate the impact of the pilot study regarding our objectives and standards before scaling up the programme. Here is the roadmap for the pilot project.


Distribution of STEM Kits & Curriculum, Mobile App
to our Local STEM Partners

In the pilot programme, we deliver the latest technology Education Pack including Twin Kits, Twin App and our unique curricula to a school/training center.

1 Education Pack = 10 Twin Kits + Twin App providing STEM content to those who have smartphones.

We also provide monthly Twin App student reports with a subscription model upon request to evaluate the children’s progress.


Online and Physical Trainings of Educators
5 Hour Technical Training

We will provide STEM Training to the trainers in order to ensure that they have enough knowledge about the area.

After the educator trainings and the pilot project, we can choose team leaders among the trainers who are willing to be the project ambassadors and to give training to the other trainers in the future in order to ensure the sustainability of the programme.


YGA Online Teachers' Platform

Educators that have received science kits will have access to a platform provided by Facebook Workplace and managed by YGA, in which they will have rich STEM content as well as examples of in-class use of the science kits.

The teachers' platform provides an inspiring and supportive community where educators can also improve their technical and soft skills.


STEM Workshops, Evaluation of Pilot
Programme and the Next Roadmap

After we train selected educators to enhance their teaching methods, they teach their students using Twin kits and app in their science classes.

We follow up the STEM workshops and overall process very closely for the sustainability of the project and discuss the next roadmap if the pilot programme is successful.

What Else Our Strategic Partners Can Do

Join the Corporate Volunteer Programme

Volunteer on-site to see your impact in-person.

Participate in the Science Workshops for Employee Children

Have your employees’ children join our workshops to spread the love of science even further.

To find out more about the different components of our programmes and become a strategic partner, contact us at [email protected].